Eco-friendly and plastic free dog treats.
These tasty treats are made from the best ingredients and come in compostable and plastic free packaging.

Yummy treats for all dogs without the plastic.

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  • brunch dog chews denzel
  • catfish twirls

    Catfish Twirls – Dog Treats By Goodchap’s

  • goodchaps doggy bag
  • fish finger dog treats

    Fish Fingers – Dog Treats By Goodchap’s

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  • high protein dog treats
  • denzels dog chews high protein
  • goodchaps lil scamps fish bites dog treats

    Lil’ Scamps Fish Bites – Dog Treats By Goodchap’s

  • goodchaps mr fishers fish skins value pack dog treats
  • goodchaps mrs cooks fish cakes value packk

    Mrs Cook’s Fish Cakes – Dog Treats By Goodchap’s