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Top 5 Best Compostable Poo Bags in 2022

We’ve learnt that compostable poo bags are a great way to ensure you can live eco friendly with your dog, but which brand of poop bag do you choose?

With a surge in interest over eco-friendly and plastic free products, the market has started to become flooded with eco alternatives to the items we use every day. Poop bags are no different, with a lot of people turning to biodegradable or compostable poop bags to reduce their plastic consumption.

As dog and cat owners, we know how many poop bags we go through on a weekly basis. In fact, approximately 500 million poop bags are used every year, this is a staggering amount when you consider that it also takes up to 500 years for each plastic poop bag to degrade!

Most of these bags go into landfill, but hundreds and thousands also make their way to the ocean where they impact marine life who can die from plastic bags and micro-plastics. In a study from Condor Ferries, it suggest that 100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone.

The difference between Biodegradable & Compostable Poo Bags.

The definition of biodegradable means a poop bag would eventually break down into smaller and smaller pieces naturally. This speeds up the process of degrading by decades from years to months.

biodegradable vs compostable

Sounds great right? Wrong.

Once a poo bag has degraded, it releases micro-plastics into the environment which can have further impact on our wildlife. In 2015, it was warned that 20 manufactures of dog waste bags had been deceptive of their ability to degrade, and didn’t actual decompose in the time it suggested.

Compostable poop bags can be put in a compost bin, however due to the zoonotic risks of poo it is recommended not to use this for growing edible plants.  Compostable poop bags are usually made from vegetable or corn starch which means they are made up completely of plant-based materials. By popping these in your normal waste bins, they will biodegrade back to their natural elements.

By no means are we stating that compostable poo bags are the perfect solution, and we should still be taking steps to produce a better way however, by using compostable poo bags you are massively reducing your yearly plastic consumption.

So without further ado, here are our top 5 recommended compostable poo bags.

#1 – FETCH.IT Poop Bags

fetch.it compostable poo bags
Fetch.IT Compostable Poo Bags

We stock FETCH.IT poop bags for a reason, we feel that they are the best on the market!

Made from GM free corn-starch, they are eco-friendly and plastic free and claim to degrade into natural plant products within weeks. What we love about them is the different sizes that you can purchase them in. For smaller dogs and cats there is the mini compostable poo bags which contain 30% less material.

When we used FETCH.IT bags we found that they were super reliable, and we are yet to have any nasty accidents with them. They also stock a dog poop bag with handles to make tying after use even easier.

We are struggling to find any cons for using FETCH.IT poop bags, which is why Pets Against Plastics  highly recommend these compostable poo bags!


#2 Adios Poop Bags

adios compostable poo bags
Adios Poop Bags

Adios is another UK business which uses corn-starch has a replacement for plastic. They claim that their compostable poop bags can be successfully composted at home within 3-6 months!

They come in some brilliant colours, from coral to rainbow and they are great to rock when you are out and about. They are super light, but strong and we found them easy to tie because of the lightness.

The cons? They only come in one size so if you have a smaller dog you might have surplus materials when using them.


3# Beco Poop Bags

beco compostable poo bags
Beco Compostable Bags

Another corn-starch bag which is on the market, these poop bags can we found at Pets At Home, which makes them one of the most popular on the market.

Beco selling point is that they are big, strong, and reliable, as well as being leak-proof. They have a few different size packs and even stock a ‘mint’ scented poop bag.

While they are popular, we feel that there are better poop bags to be had. Beco also stock ‘recycled plastic’ poop bags, which when degraded would leave micro-plastics in the environment, something we do not recommend. They are big bags, so if you have a small dog its maybe to go for a different brand.


4# Zoon Poop Bags

zoon poop bags
Zoon Rose-Scented Poop Bags

This isn’t one I have personally used, but one of our friends swear by them. Zoon are available to buy from Argos, you can also find them in garden centres too.

The packaging claims that the poop bags are made 100% from corn-starch and are compostable. They come in a pink colour with a rose scent to them, they are also thick so no nasty accidents should occur. They are definitely a lower price point than many other compostable poop bags on the market which is a positive.

The downsides of this brand are that they only come in one size from what we can see, so you might have surplus materials when using them. Also the information we can find regarding the way in which they are made and the company itself is extremely limited.


5# Pogi’s Poop Bags

Pogi’s is a Canadian brand but can be purchased on Amazon.

Pogi’s stock compostable poo bags made from plant-based materials and contain zero plastic, are leak proof and certified compostable. We found that they are strong and trustworthy bags, however a little lighter than other alternatives.

pogis poo bags
Pogis Poo Bags

Other poop bags they stock claim to be ‘earth-friendly’ and use 100% recycled materials. The process they use is called EPI technology which is means a chemical is added in the production of the bags to aid the breakdown of the bags. This could result in micro-plastics and chemicals being released into the environment during the degrading stage.

For this reason alone, I would not recommend using Pogi’s.



As more and more compostable or biodegradable poo bags become available it is always best to look at the materials used by the companies before purchasing. Too many are labelled to be eco-friendly but do not do the planet any good.

From our experience we would strongly recommend using Fetch.It poo bags due to their reliability and the range of sizes however, we enjoyed using Adios bags too. If they came in different sizes, we would definitely be using be a combination of both brands.

We haven’t by all means tried all available compostable poo bags out there, so if you have a different alternative brand we would love to hear your suggestions and reviews.

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